We will deliver your package within 24 hours in and around the GTA.
Kwick Pro Logistics has the delivery and pick-up corporate solution.
Kwick Pro Logistics will ensure everyone, whether sending or receiving a package, experiences exceptional service.


Whenever you require pick-up and delivery within 24 hours for packages in and around the GTA, Kwick Pro Logistics is your best choice. KPL has been the preferred 24-hour logistics provider for gift shops and floral stores in the Greater Toronto Area for over 30 years. With our cutting-edge technological infrastructure and 30 years of door-to-door logistics expertise, you and your clients are sure to enjoy working with us.

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KPL provides complete pick-up and delivery service for all types of small- to medium-sized items within and around the Greater Toronto Area. Our specialty is providing our individual and corporate clients with the most cost-effective, same-day delivery service possible as well as superb customer service.

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